Woolens & Linsey Woolsey

Short fibered wool that is carded before spinning produces soft, lofty woolen yarn. Woven into blankets, throws, and tweed, woolen yarns yeild a fabric that's thick and warm, perfect for bedding and winter clothes. Woolens are finished by fulling or waulking the woven fabric to tighten up the cloth and raise a slight nap on the surface. Using a warp of linen, Linsey Woolsey is a mixed cloth that combines the properties of strong linen with spongey wool. Like its cotton and wool cousin Union Cloth, Linsey Woolsey makes light weight bed coverings and clothing fabrics.

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Photos appear courtesy of: Kate Smith, Justin Squizzero, Zoe Sheehan Saldana, Alison Pyott, Lisa Hardaway, Peter Fischer, & Ellie Blachly.