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Furniture Restoration


For the past twenty years, Eaton Hill Textile Works has provided historically accurate custom dyed and handwoven fabrics for museum furniture conservation departments and private furniture collectors. We are pleased to offer the services of an accomplished upholsterer, Ellie Blachly and Eaton Hill Upholstery, with whom we work hand in hand on individual projects.


Our process begins with an initial consultation in which we discuss the options for fabrics and colors, along with details of the upholstering process. You might choose to use entirely handwoven fabrics such as linen webbing, a coarse linen under fabric, and finally a hand-dyed worsted moreen or plain weave show fabric. For special treatment, handwoven trims and gimps are also available. We can also provide cotton or linen slipcovers as a seasonal protective covering. You may choose to go beyond the ordinary and have Ellie apply her knowledge and skill with traditional upholstery materials and techniques in the use of marsh grass, wool batting, high quality horse hair, and hand tacking. 


The result will be a piece of historic furniture of exceptional quality that you will treasure for years to come. To the right is an 18th century Portsmouth, New Hampshire chair with worsted Moreen fabric and webbing by Eaton Hill Textile Works, reupholstered by Ellie Blachly.

Eaton Hill Textile Works


17th, 18th, & 19th c.


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