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The Makers

Kate Smith   

Eaton Hill Textile Works was founded in 1992 by Kate Smith after serving a ten year apprenticeship in historic weaving techniques with Norman Kennedy of the Marshfield School of Weaving. She was joined that year by Master Weaver Lynnette Combs, who worked for Eaton Hill for the next 25 years until she retired in 2017.


Zoe Sheehan Saldana joined the Eaton Hill team in 2010 as Master Dyer and Printer, and she also designsed our early embossing plates.  Justin Squizzero started his apprenticeship at the Marshfield School of Weaving in 2007 and joined Eaton Hill as Master Weaver, Dyer, and Embosser in 2013.  He has now gone on to start his own fabric business - The Burrough's Garrett in Newbury, VT.  Stepping into Justin's shoes as Master Weavers are Nelly Detra and Ada Schenck who both started as students at MSW and  are now weaving all of Eaton Hill's finest fabrics.  Sue Carpenter joined the Eaton Hill team in 2016 as trim weaver in between being a dairy farmer!

Eaton Hill Textiles is co-located with the Marshfield School of Weaving, where students learn how to weave historic and contemporary textiles. Visit the School's website for more information.


Nelly Detra


Ada Schenck


Justin Squizzero


Watch one of our 18th-century looms in action below.

Sue Carpenter

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